Sunday, 4 December 2011

A dash in the Dales

Big Hills?!  VERY BIG HILLS!!!

Now I would like to say the pictures are from a weekend of hard cycling, blood and guts hill climbing and dramatic descents.  There were definitely some highs and lows but most involved a tipple or two and severe hangover the following morning! None however involved the former I am loathed to say.

The ride I did go on was simply to keep my wife company on her 5 mile run.  She has the Turkey Trot run to look forward to next week, a half marathon in Nottingham.  Me, well I needed to brush off some cobwebs so I tagged along.  And yes in case you were thinking, you get a medal and "TURKEY" if you finish in the top 5.

We were though surrounded by glorious countryside that requires a further detailed inspection at some point next summer.  The Yorkshire Dales close to Hawes and Bainbridge must be some of the most stunning, picturesque and potentially challenging arena's I have seen in a long while.  I feel alongside the triathlon challenge, the Yorkshire Dales may have to become part of my annual collage of challenges for the next year (I'll fill you in on that little trick closer to New Year?!)

If you are interested we stayed in a place called Raydale House, sleeps 12 easily, huge kitchen and dining room, two reception rooms, a conservatory and unbelievable views.  One word of warning, if you don't like narrow country roads then it won't be for you.  Oh yes, It rains in Yorkshire as well, all the time!!

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