Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Website - Cycletribe.co.uk


We are looking to create a new website for commuter cyclists.  It is partly the reason for the lack of recent action on this blog.  However we are now at the point where you come in

As we would like the content to be based around you the reader we are asking for your thoughts and feedback as to what you would like to see

As we don't want to guide anyone creative spirits we would like your feedback without our interference

If you have any suggestions please either click on the comments link below or feel free to e-mail them direct to me at ryan.charlesworth76@gmail.com

The website will try and bring together the best bits of cycling in a fun and funky way.  However what information we decide to include is down to you

We are also looking for future contributors and investors so if you are interested in getting involved let us know.  It’s an exciting project with some great ideas.  Why would you no want to be part of an exciting new project??

Thanks and get in touch



1 comment:

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