Friday, 18 November 2011

Making agreements when drunk

Having found the daily commute of 36 miles a faily easy adventure over recent months, I have startd to look for a new challengs. 

I asked myself, do I make my commute longer?  there is defiately routes where I could add another 5 miles? but that just makes th work day even longer so not really the option I was looking for

Then comes a night with frinds down the pub where the convesration of challengs comes up.  Beinga  competitive bunch, races become the key focus.  Do we opt for the odd 10k? NO, don't be silly??? do we opt for a half marathon or 2??  NO, that would be too easy

The decision is made.....

A triathalon is now the first point of call. All be it a mini triathalon (there had to be soem compromise!)

We are now on a search for our first Tri.  The ovr riding agreemnet was however, we wait until its a bit warmer.  I don't play winer sports and so swimming in a frozen lake does not consititute any idea of fun.

Trainings starts soon!  I'll keep you posted!!

Any idea's for a great first Tri let me know

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