Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cycling beats driving any day!

If the past week and all the huge ques at petrol pumps has not proven yet another point as to why comutting to work by bike has to be the better form of transport then I don't know what will!

I drive a car, like almost all other cyclists out there.  However, on Thursday this week I arrived at work having past 3 petrol stations will CLOSED signs on the forecourt and another 2 with huge Ques of cars desperate to get some petrol and just thought, "this is madness"

I quickly realised the benefits of cycling as:

 - The numerous health benefits (healthy heart and lungs, increased fitness and wellbeing)
 - Improved sleep
 - Reduced stress
 - Enjoyable commute rather than being sat on my backside getting stressd with other riders
 - I could delve into another sport
 - Killing 2 birds with one stone by getting excercise and getting to work
 - Finding a new hobby and soon to be business
 - New Skills (cycle maintenance)

The above are just a few of the benefits that I initially saw.  I then, after 2 years descovered I had saved over £5000 on petrol, insurance, maintenance and car payments.  Happy days I thought

The arrives the potential petrol tanker strikes and I suddenly realise that one of the biggest benefits is not the savings, the health benefits or even the reduces stress but the increased freedom.  I don't rely on other people to get me anywhere.  I know if push come to shove I can always get to work whatever the weather, whatever the econic issues.  I happily commute 36 miles a day and I have made myslef somewhat bullet proof from the idiots that are the British Unions!

Fuel strikes, train strikes, air baggae handlers.  None of them affect my abilty to work.  Whilst i feel sorry for those caught up in it as like all families we need a car too.  I think almost everyone has the ability to change things and benefit from cycling.

I would urge anyone who has found this week tough, anyone who sat on a forecourt for hours and anyone who is fed up with unions dictating and scaring us in our daily lives to buy a bike and commute.  Even if you only do it once or twice a week you are adding a valuable asset to you weekly survival of life.

In the process you will get healthy, save a shed load of cash and you never know, fall in love with cycling just like me!


  1. I started commuting on a folding bike last year to save money on gas - and I'm really glad I did. I drive so much less now, and when I can't ride, I try to take public transportation, because I can often take the bike along on that too. It's been great for my health as well.

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