Monday, 2 April 2012

Cycling Accidents and Injuries

In 2010 the number of cyclist killed on Britain’s roads increased for the 3rd consecutive year.  This is despite the fact the number of overall deaths dropped to below 2,000, a substantial drop from the 2009 figure of 2,222.

The number of cycling deaths was an increase of 7% and the total number seriously injured rose by 2%.  We must be careful when analysing statistics as with everything they can look rather skewed when missing all the data.  It must also be pointed out that the number of cycle journeys also increased by 7% and so there is a sort of direct correlation.  However what must also be pointed out is there are more cars on the roads but car accidents are decreasing year on year.

There have been numerous calls over the years for laws to enforce cyclists to wear helmets.  There are big lobbies on either side of the argument.  I read recently that in New Zealand the introduced the law and within 5 years the levels of cycle journeys dropped by over 50%. Why? A number of reasons could be the cause.  An increased fear brought about by increasing the perceived risk of cycling.  People not willing to wear a helmet and just giving it up along with many more subtle reasons.

Last year Annette Brooke, Lib Dem MP brought a private members bill forward to protect children from head injuries.  The basic plan was to not criminalise it but to force the parent to provide evidence of helmet purchase within 28 days or face a fine

We do need to tread carefully on this and the government are right to not throw its weight around and start adding more laws to the statute books.  We do however need to highlight the risks more of the potential damage caused when involved in an accident.  I have posted James Cracknels video on my blog before, his story alone should be a reason to wear a helmet.

My wife works for Headway, the brain injury charity and if people could see the life changing impact a brain injury has on an individual, a family and the community that person lives they would do everything in their power to ensure their risks were minimised.

I do believe it should be law for children to wear helmets, everyone else can fend for themselves, and it is their life in the end of the day.  In November 2010 the in dependent transport research Laboratory published an evaluation of all the evidence - both for and against and the report clearly showed that helmets saved lives

Use your Head wear a helmet

Support headway


  1. Any injuries lawyer will easily tell you that wearing a headgear while mowing the lawn will not prevent common brain injuries in bike accidents.

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  2. There is always a big difference between what can be argued in court and te reality of whether something saves lives.

    Where there is doubt, where there is potential claim there will always be opportunity to cast doubt on something effectiveness

    In the UK we are having to put "Caution, wet floor" signs on a poolside to warn guests of the potential risks of slipping??? The fact its obvious to almost all of the population still leaves doubt there for a minority which makes us liable in court

    The fact it is almost impossible due to the different situations of any accident to prove one way or the other as to whether wearing or not wearing a helmet contributed the outcome. I believe it seems madness that someone would take the risk by not wearing one? Surely a 1% improvement in chances of reduced injury is better.

    Anyway lycra is not a good look from a fashion sense for anyone, adding a helmet is not going to change that any?

    I do not condone enforcement but am shocked at how the issues polarises so many!

  3. Whenever i go out with my bike i always wear something 'flashy' so that way i help both myself and the drivers. I think that it's not whom we can sue we should be considering but how to save other's lives.

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