Friday, 13 April 2012

Great rides

Last year I visited the Yorkshire Dales for a weekend with friends and was amazed by the long rolling hills and potential for glorious riding.

This week I was in North Devon. Normally we will stay as close to the coat as possible to enjoy the sea, sand and where possible (not so often these days) the surf. I love Devon and would move there in a flash were the circumstances right.

The pace of life, the friendly people (most people say that about their own spots but believe me, the whole of North Devon seem to be on happy pills, coming from Nottingham it’s amazing!)

As you can tell it does not take much for me to rave about the place but a realised even more how brilliant the place was. The cycling must be awesome and yet another tick in the box. The rolling hills, the long down hills, the windy turns, great climbs (the steepest of which was 25%). Add to that the huge array of accommodation from cheap campsites, B&B as well as some decent hotels closer to the coast our have all you can want.

I and my wife are lovers of the VW camper and I started thinking how awesome it would be to pack the camper, bikes in the back, surf board on the roof and to tour the north Devon coast. That’s the new plan for a surprise 40th! (Lets hop she don’t read my blog!! ha ha)

By the way my wife is a runner and the hills and terrain has started the cycling spark in her mind, won't be long befor she is guest wriing - Mark this space

If you have never been get down to North Devon - Stay Around South Molton, Barnstable, Bideford area.  Also be brave and try a bit of surfing, I reckon its the perfect second sport for any cyclist.

One wierd fact - There is a town called Clovelly that you have to pay to enter.  There is not even anything in the town?  bizaar

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