Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I don't think I really talked to myself much, however since taking up commuting to work by bike, I actually find myself doing a few other odd things to?

- Chasing other people on bikes who have for some unknown reason become my "TARGET" or as it’s become known "Chasing the Rabbit"?
- Talking cycle tech to people who really don’t care I know they don't care but I am still going to tell them what I know – which incidentally was not a lot at first
- Dreaming about my ride?  What is that About, I have a beautiful wife lying next to me??
- Racing myself home, setting personal bests for what? Who cares but me, have I beaten some world record? NO!, but do I celebrate - oh yes in deedy!!! 
- Moaning about the wind! - not the rain, the snow or even the minus 5 degree temperature, just that wind that always appears to be in my face whatever direction I ride.
- Wearing skin tight clothes previously viewed as suspect, wrong and in some cases obscene? I think nothing of donning such attire these days – its comfortable and apt to my sport I argue, secretly quite liking the Lycra look and feel!
- I am no mechanic or engineer but suddenly I am finding myself taking “me” time to once again strip and clean every facet of my bike?  Why? I only did it last week

It got me thinking, I am obviously not alone in the weird and lonely cycling experience.  With 7 million cyclists out there surely some find this lonely daily commute actually quite humorous, exhilarating and downright fun?!

Whilst I ride the same miles as I drove in the car, listen to the same music, even admire the same scenery, there is something extra ordinarily different in the whole experience.

This is amongst other worldly thoughts that form the basis behind my ramblings to come

Enjoy & Feel free to join in! PS, the image isn't me!!!


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