Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Awesome Cycling

What an awesome commute today!

Not sure whether is was the fact the weather was good?  Sunny, wind free (in the morning anyhow) and clear roads or whether it was the New nutritional products giving me a boost.  Either way it was a awesome feeling. 

(Starting taking PHD nutritional products, realy good stuff.  Tried a few on the way and this stuff tastes pretty good and seems to have the desired effect)

Getting stuck into the high gears, churning over the pedals at a good rate of notts (80+rpm) and churning up the miles.  First time this winter it hasn't felt like a slog

2 Regrets today.  One was the fact my cycle camera would not work?  not a good start to my new toy and secondly after catching my target and lining him up for an uphill overtake, he decided to turn right?? Gutted, the legs had a fight in them as well!

Looking forward to tomorrow now

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