Monday, 2 January 2012

An Exciting New Year's cycling ahead

Happy New year everyone

Despite all the financial doom and gloom, what a fantastic year there is coming up in cycling! 

We have:

The Olympics
A very competitive Tour circuit and what a Tour De France we have to look forward to - You never know a British Yellow jersey and British Green Jersey??  Not out of the Question!
An "AWESOME" British team in Team Sky - we will win things this year
The world Cycling Champs
Some Awesome coverage on TV with Sky, Eurosports and ITV4
We have some great innovations coming out, especially with the electronic gear shifting! Let’s hope the prices come down.  Sales galore get out there and get some kit! Wiggle, Chain Reaction, Evans all have superb sales on at the minute and what appear to be all year sales.  Also don't forget your local bike shop, they have some awesome and often bespoke made kit, they will also give you hands on advice which you won't get from an online store.

(As a hint, Evans also runs 2-3 hour basic cycle maintenance courses.  Last I looked they were free except for a £25 refundable deposit to ensure you turn up - If you want to know the basics book on and go join the Evans team -

Cycling is really starting to take off in a massive way with Sportive being sold out in hours rather than days.  Triathlon events are following suit.  Another great thing that we saw more of in and is set to continue in 2012 in the non-competitive bike rides, I did the Nottingham bike ride this year along with about 5000 others - racing was prohibited.  What a great way of encouraging participation in the sport.  I believe the sky rides are similar  Along with this many of the major retailers are getting in on the sportive act with Evans and Halfords both sponsoring a number of events or organising their one.

Some links:

Or visit

British Cycling,
Triathlon Events,
British Triathlon,
UK Cyclocross
If you have not already made a resolution to take part in an event I suggest you do.  Am I entering to win? Not unless miracles happen and I grow legs and lungs like Lance Armstrong but I am entering to take part and test myself.  It will also give me the excuse I am looking for to go from commuter to sporting cyclist.  However good?  It’s why I like cycling so much; it’s not always so much about beating others (unless they are ahead of me on the road and then they become the rabbit!!) but more about how you can compete with your own demons a self-doubt.

My training officially starts tomorrow; my knee injury was a little worse than expected so it’s kept me out from any serious training in the last month.

For any of you who care I thought I would post my 2012 goals and let you know how I get on:

1) Complete 1 mini triathlon (400m swim, 20km bike ride and 5km run) - full Tri next year
2) Complete 2 cycles sportive as well as the Nottingham Bike ride again
3) Complete 10,000 miles in the year
4) Get my fighting weight to 11.7 stone or 67kg (currently 12.5 stone or 72kg) - 5 bags of sugar
5) Complete 1 cyclocross event

I want to mix it up a bit this year a try a few new things, I'll keep you up dated as I go along

Good luck for the year ahead - Lets continue what we did in 2011 and continue to grow the importance of cycling to modern day society.  oh ye and have A LITTLE FUN along the way


Don't be fooled and think you don't make a difference, your voice counts in the fight to improve services for cyclists throughout the world.  Get involved!!

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