Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Frostbite cycling

I rode to work on Monday at 5am. It was minus 5 degrees and extremely cold! I was dressed for the occasion though and took it all in my stride. Other than the frost bitten toes when I arrived I was good to go. I do 20 minutes in the gym when I arrive, stretching and doing some core work on the Power plate and my feet have thawed in time for the shower.

I would advise anyone to wait and allow their feet to thaw naturally - the anguish of bad chilblains is no fun!!

Anyway onto today, I realised that in my rush to leave work with my wife and kids (she sometime picks me up when the kids have swimming lessons - I work in a leisure club at a hotel just to clarify) I left me helmet, gloves and hat at work.

Come this morning, I am left with no woolly hat, gloves so thin they may as well be silk and a lovely pink helmet courtesy of my wife. Not only was I about to freeze but I was also going to look extremely camp in doing so!

An hour and 20 minutes later I arrive at work, almost in tears, can't feel my nose, ears, fingers and toes. In fact I can feel them just in a numb sort of excruciatingly painful way!

My advice:

Keep a spare pair of everything (except maybe the helmet, the wife's will do even if you look a tad silly!)

Get some shoe covers - the expense has got to be worth it. No matter how many pairs of sock you wear it never quite does the job

Be Boy Scout and "BE PREPARED"

I have learnt my lesson and as we speak I am about to pack my bag for tomorrow

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