Wednesday, 11 January 2012

James Cracknell's view on Cycle Helmets

”I have a request for all the cyclists to wear helmet while cycling. I was hit on the back of the
head by a fuel truck traveling at 75mph along the Arizona desert plains (I know - that sort of stuff only normally happens in Road Runner cartoons) when I was cycling to New York. Bev and my parents were called to the hospital whilst I was unconscious. Despite a massive crack down the back of my head (25 staples took care of that) and significant bleeding to the frontal lobes of my brain, I am here
to tell the tale. There is only one reason for that: my cycle helmet. It saved my life. Cycling is good
for the planet and it’s good for us; leaving your head (or your children’s) vulnerable to a pavement,
lamp-post, car or wing-mirror is not. Shockingly the last survey revealed that only about 18% and 35%
adults wear helmets, yet it is such a simple thing to do. I have no commercial relationship with a
helmet manufacturer or retailer; no reason to bang on about this other than a desire to stop any other
cyclist and their loved ones experiencing a year like mine. There is no agenda. I want wearing a
bike helmet to become as normal as clunk-clicking your seat-belt on. With Thanks, James Cracknell”

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