Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Halts Cycling

Oh dear, the snow is here!!

My kids, like many others 6 years and under have been praying for snow all winter. The excitement of getting the snow boots on, the sledges out and throwing snow balls at daddy has been building since last November when winter.

As for me I have been quietly praying for the opposite. The thought of having to slip and slide my way work does not fill me with any sort of excitement. On the contrary more like dread. Ice is bad enough on a road bike, snow is lethal.

I have a mountain bike but unfortunately on one of my bored summer day's I decided it needed a complete overhaul. Wheels apart and cleaned, derailleur removed and cleaned and break units off and binned. The problem being is, other that the wheels it remains in the semi built state I left it all those months ago? Silly boy, I knew to leave well alone but did I listen!

So last night I went onto Wiggle and bought some nice fat Cyclocross wheels in the vain hope that the extra tread may help safe guard me from broken bones, scars and bruises? I'll let you know on Tuesday/Wednesday when they are fitted. I am not holding out much hope but at least when I do go crashing to the floor I can blame the bike, the snow, and the ice - anything but my talent.

I may not be looking forward to cycling on the snow, but snow does bring with it a whole word of fun in other forms. Sledging, snowboarding, snow men to name a few. There are also very few things that bring families out in their droves. Our local park looked like it does in mid-summer, in fact even better as every hill, mound and slope was packed with adults and kids alike enjoying what is often a very short lived adventure in the UK.

The snow may stop Britain in its tracks as regards travelling and business but as a fun, family adventure it has to be up there with the best.

So we did relinquish and get the snow boots on, the sledges out and yes daddy did get pelted with snow balls? Happy days!

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