Monday, 12 December 2011

Achieve more in 2012

I said I would get back to you on a trick I have been doing for some time to help with New Year resolutions. 

There are a few things to consider:

1) Whilst I would love to claim the idea as my own I can't.  A Business Coach called Marcus Childs who use to teach all the UK based Marriott Hotel's Spirit to Serve Programme taught it to me and other obviously!

This guy is amazing!! If you ever get a chance to attend a session with him, jump at it.

Anyway enough of Marcus?!

2) Initially it takes some time to complete, so get a bottle of wine, bottles of beers or like me some jack and coke
3) You have to buy into the idea!!  It’s no use if you are sceptic with anything a little different
4) You don't need to be creative, artistic or have a flare for the surreal

Right let’s get started!

1) Make a list of the top 5 - 10 achievements you would like to plan for next year.  These can be small or big and include things that may take all year, involve lot of planning, be one off events or simply doing or giving up something.
2) Get all you old magazines and newspapers and make clippings of things that relate to the above list or statements.  I like to use a mixture of words and pictures as visually it looks more effective
3) If you are a smart arse on computers you could create the collage in Picassa or another photo book programme.  That way you could pull the images of the web rather than trawl magazines like me and my wife do.  The magazine thing makes it a bit more of an event (Maybe we are trying too hard to make the most of staying in!!!  Ha ha)
4) Create you collage.  There are no rules, it’s yours, and it should have personal meaning to you.  If you create it will have feeling mean a lot more.
5) Put it somewhere you will see every day don't hide it!!

The reason it works (apparently) is because you will eventually start to review it subconsciously.  By doing this you will find you mind works to strive towards your goals.  If you see they daily and they are re-affirmed
Regularly you are more than likely to achieve them.

Does it work?  Well I can only talk from personal experience and say yes.  Do I achieve everything on the board? No, but I do achieve the large majority and I feel like I have a plan every year as to what I want to achieve out of life.

We try to make them home base rather than work, only because we spend so much time at work already that reminding me that work is important to me is not really necessary

Give it a try and feel free to post your collage pics and let me know how it goes


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