Monday, 12 December 2011

Some Interesting Cycle Stats

The stats are from a selected number of sources so some do not entirely match, but hey they are still interesting:

US Stats: (Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute 2009)
  • 630 Cyclists died on US roads in 2009 (13% drop from 2008 and a 38% drop since 1975)
  • Cycle deaths represent only 2% of all traffic deaths in the US.  In the UK this figure is 7% and rising.  In the UK this is attributed
  • 51,000 cyclists were injured on US roads, up from 43,000 in 2007
  • Average age of death was 41 years old
  • Average age of injured party was 31 years old
  • Alcohol was reportedly involved in 37% of all deaths?????  a phenomenal stat
  • 64% of all death were caused in Urban areas with 64% of those at intersections
  • Only 19% of all cycle trips were to conduct errands or commute to work or school
  • About 4%or 2million were injured while riding in the last 2 years
  • 515,871 product related injuries treated in hospital were related to bikes or bike accessories
  • 97% of all those who dies in accidents in New York were not wearing helmets
  • 92% of all cycle deaths in New York were due to a collision with a motor vehicle

Great Britain Based Statistics: Department of transport statistics
  • The British Government determined that the cost saving of switching one person from a car to a bike would save the economy £68.64 per year in a rural area and over £135 in an urban area.
    • The total cost saving to the economy based on a 30% uplift in cycling (planned by the government) would be £785million a year. Based on:
      • Reduced Premature deaths
      • Reduced NHS costs
      • Reduced absenteeism from work
      • Reduced pollution
      • Reduced Congestion
  • On average there were 973 trips taken per person per year in 2010,  6,981 miles at an average length of 6.4 miles
  • Only 2% of all trips taken in the Great Britain were done by bike
  • Distance travelled by bike increased by 6% from 2009
  • 35% of all journeys under 5 miles were conducted by walking or bike (3% down since 2006)
  • Men aged 30-39 travel the greatest distance
  • People living in households with lower incomes make on average less trips by bike and travel less miles by bike than wealthier income households
  • 69% of all those surveys said they cycle once or less in the last year
Cycling accounts for only 22% of all trips carried out by cyclists.
30% of all cycle trips are for commuting, however only 3% were just by bike
Only 6% said cycling was important to them personally
June is the peak cycling month in the UK

The best bit

I worked out my 9000 a year miles accounts for 250 average peoples cycle travel in the UK?!!


  1. Interesting statistics - here is another interesting comparison of cycling in the U.S. to cycling in the U.K.. Seems like Britons are a little better about cycling in many ways than Americans.

  2. thanks Chris, I doubt the British Government are actively trying to encourage cyclists for the purpose of our general health. The latest talk is now to start taxing cyclists?

    I'm all in favour as long as the money is spent on us and not elsewhere like the national debt!