Friday, 16 March 2012

Pedestrians are worse then cars!

I discovered something this week that I think I knew all along but wasn't willing to accept. That is that Pedestrians present a greater risk to cyclists than cars.

We have been fighting the wrong enemy all this time. Car drivers hate cyclists for a catalogue of reasons, whilst the majority are unfounded and brought about by ignorance, they are beliefs held strong by motorists. On the flip side cyclists hate motorists because they hate cyclists. As a rule it’s a simple as that, no real reason. As a rule its ignorance on both sides.

However, as regards to near misses I seem to have more challenges with pedestrians that any other road/path user. They seem to have ZERO awareness of anything going on around them? Most now have headphones on so cannot hear a thing. Unlike cyclists who tend to cycle single file they walk in single file across the path. They are inconsistent as to how they react to being approached, some jump back, some stand still, most panic as if I am from the future riding John Carter 8 legged animal??

With all the national press about respect campaign between cyclists and motorists I reckon we should join forces and spend some money teaching the common "walker" how to be more aware of their surroundings and they growing use of other forms of transport.

Cars always get the blame in an accident involving a pedestrian but I would have to question how many pedestrians are aware of the rules of the road, that they need to look both ways and that walking on the left is the same as driving on the left. It’s like common law in the UK.

Add that to the numerous Runners now frequenting the pathways and god help us. As a cyclist we are expected to wear lights and visibility gear. Runners often run on the wrong side of the path in the dark in black clothing with no lights?

If we are going to create a sustainable transport policy and with bikes becoming an ever increasing form of transport. We desperately need to consider all form of transport and what we need to accommodate all. In my mind the large majority of the issues would be dealt with greater understanding and training in schools. Ignorance should not be an excuse!


Please build me cycle paths that are not the same stretch of path as the pedestrians. That way, the cars can have their roads, the pedestrians can fall asleep on their walk ways and I can actually enjoy my ride

By the way I have statistical evidence to support my claim and it may be just a Nottingham thing!

I may as well be on this!! Atleast if I was my ride could eat the muppetts

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