Thursday, 22 March 2012

A silent race - no real winner

Now the weather is getting better and the sun is staying up later it has slowly become a far more enjoyable experience on the bike. The daily battle is now becoming fun again rather than a means to an end. Like most sports I am really a summer participant.

Well Last night was the culmination of the better weather and the legs starting to feel good.

After a mile my music was playing up so I stopped to fix it. Just as I was about to set off a fellow commuter passes me at a decent speed. Challenge on. I mount the bike and give chase. Looking back he spots my efforts and there begins the race. I am not naive to believe I am the fastest but I average about 18-20 mile an hour so I can usually give most people on the road a decent hiding!

On this occasion I found my match, not my better but my math. For the next 10 miles we played cat and mouse, up and down some good hills. He stayed roughly 100m in front of me the whole time. Agonisingly close! By the end of was glad I couldn’t catch him an I have no idea what I would have done as regards overtaking had I caught him up. By the time he turned off Of was done in. Scarily I still had 6 miles to go!

Out of all of it though I loved it and have given me the renewed excitement for the summer ahead.

I love the cat and mouse that the increase number of fair weather cycling brings! Bring it on and welcome back Mr Sunshine

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